Corporate Learning Program

The Team of Trainers comes from technological, industrial and academic sectors and allows deepening themes on processes, integration of technologies and related strategies.

Training as a strategic tool

Training today represents a strategic tool for HR assessment and for the continued growth of staff to multidisciplinary innovations.
Our closeness to the world of industrial institutions allows us to catch the most advanced training proposals and requests. Our trainers are able to implement procedures and to bring interactive topics and tools to businesses with the highest processes and criticalities.


The Six Sigma method

The Six Sigma methodology eliminates defects and waste in the production chain and in any type of production process, while achieving a noticeable improvement in the average performance. This approach allows you to generate a direct impact on the customer, meaning the latter as the player/user of the process or product. In the era of industry 4.0, where industrial automation tackles the new challenges of integration between the world of IT services and mechanical manufacturing ones, the Six Sigma approach has become a tool for reinterpreting the quality horizons.


The Lego Serious Play method

The Lego Serious Play method originates in Denmark in the nineties as a business method for facilitating problem-solving processes. Only since the early 2000’s the method has been codified in the known form and used throughout the world.
This means allowing people to create models that can speed up the sharing of business processes by developing an aptitude for problem solving.
In addition to the traditional possible applications, the method provides support for design and development activities related to website content, assessment projects, and planning in Service Design.