Strategy & Marketing

The skills we express in the field of counseling for strategy and marketing are of prime excellence. We engage both technology and innovation experts and university lecturers as well as managers with institutional roles in the field of industrial organizations up to spin-off and start-up experts and professionals from multinationals with managerial responsibilities in business and financial sectors.


Dominance, Integration and Flexibility

Our philosophy in approaching the theme of strategy is that of customer centrality through a holistic methodology that seeks to set up and apply strategic approaches to the market affecting every area of the potential customer value chain.



We propose a strategy for dominance, flexibility or integration based on the customer and the reference market. Marketing is a feature that is offered in both out-tasking and consulting mode, and is expressed by well-versed and experienced managers who develop all processes related to sales, organization up to positioning and reputation. A kind of marketing that is as strategic as product-related and operational.



Our assessment path analyzes the main business processes and areas. An enterprise is organized into functions and the latter are divided by the criterion of competence. Functions are elements that make up a process, a set of activities that lead to the achievement of a goal by generating value.


Analysis of functions and processes to support the customer

Processes are often confused with functions: functions are activities while processes are that set of activities generated by the functions. To evaluate elements that have a positive or negative impact on value, processes and not functions are studied.

Obviously, net of process analysis, there are results that relate to the value of the function and skills required by it. The main processes analyzed are procurement, production, sales, administration and control, human resources, information systems. Through our assessment approach, we are able to quickly and directly convey the customer to technological and process solutions.


Governance & Compliance

Starting from the said Assessment, we are able to support Board of Directors and Management Groups in defining successful Governance. Our skills and experiences enable us to structure and design the right Enterprise Governance: we are real Corporate Designers.


Sustainability as the new Quality frontier

Compliance processes, namely of regulatory compliance, with existing laws or international standards from quality to sustainability are now essential elements in process determination and management.