Digital Marketing

A platform that offers a complete marketing and communication service from creating customized material such as emails, web pages and related operational marketing tools, up to coordinated images.

Digital communication

The Web and the digital communication scenario are evolving at very fast pace. People everywhere talk about Social Media Marketing, Web Marketing and many other acronyms such as SEO, SEM, Display Advertising, Sponsored Tweets or Marketing 3.0.
We want to talk about Digital Marketing because marketing is a constantly evolving discipline that fits to the changing media's progress. That is why we consider that the Web is somehow surpassed and replaced by digital in the widest sense, including the App world, to which much of the communication is moving.


Web, Social media and Storytelling

From the traditional use of available technologies - such as the Web and social network pages - to the implementation of a strategy that integrates these technologies to serve a new form of Storytelling, capable of creating engaging and meaningful experiences to tell your story (your brand) in an interconnected way with the lives of customers, no matter where, how and when.



Definition of the optimization and positioning strategy on search engines to increase organic traffic to the customer site through search results. Planning and implementation of campaigns on major web channels (Google, Facebook, etc.) for capturing traffic and visibility through sponsored results.


Cross Media

The platform that offers a comprehensive marketing and communications service, from the creation of customized material such as emails, web pages and related print products, up to coordinated images to be sent to custom and profiled user lists in the form of communications and offerings relevant to the areas of interest.

The Cross Media Platform makes the service easier to exploit by the target user allowing accurate feedback on the campaign and better “profiling” of the user for subsequent submissions by using the appropriate media.

The user using the service, through access to the reserved area, may have immediate feedback on the progress of his/her campaigns by interacting in real time with the current or potential customer. The Cross Media Platform provides a service of high technological content with variable cost per single campaign that allows you to increase your revenue, reduce costs, and increase return on investment for each individual customer.