The philosophy of Dynago Solutions – Consulting Company is represented by the company's continued commitment to ethically behaving and contributing to economic development while at the same time improving the quality of life of its employees and their families, the local community and society in its complex.

To be sustainable Our Value

The social commitment of Dynago Solutions and founding members has always been part of its way of being. Since the company was established, and nowadays, in its innovative company role, Dynago Solutions seeks the full satisfaction of its customers, employees and shareholders by adopting ethical behaviors and implementing social responsibility projects.

All projects, relationships with customers, employees and suppliers are carried out in a responsible and sustainable manner; the well-being and diversity of their employees, accessibility to their products and services, attention to free software and the creation of profitable relationships with communities are the foundations of Dynago Solutions.

Ethics as a Business driver

Dynago Solutions is equipped with processes of controlling the work of its team, all this to verify proper management by having their employees subscribe an ethical code of conduct.


In its general strategy, Dynago Solutions pays particular attention to social and environmental performance with the goal of meeting the needs and demands of customers, employees, shareholders and partners.

Stakeholder Engagement Our approach

The company is also committed to the development of personalized and accessible technology solutions for every type of user and, in particular, disabled people; the proper workplace integration of disabled people is part of corporate policies of non-discrimination and equal opportunities.

Since its foundation, Dynago Solutions has committed to establishing a solid and fruitful relationship with the community in which it is engaged, trying to minimize the environmental impact of their own production processes and their business activities.